Don't Specialize in Wage Theft

Tell Specialized to pay its workers the wages they're owed

Specialized, the cycling company, likes to position itself as a green company, but there is nothing green about the fact that workers who make Specialized clothing are being cheated out of wages.

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“At Specialized, we come to work each day with the purpose of pedaling the planet forward.”

But pedaling the planet forward includes making sure the workers in your supply chain are not cheated out of their wages.

A recent report found that 831 workers at the APS sewing factory in El Salvador were wrongfully denied $2 million in compensation after the factory shut down. Two brands have committed to pay the workers $1.34 million, while $659,000 remains outstanding. Specialized has offered nothing and refused to communicate.

Specialized’s own company Code of Conduct requires its supplier to follow the law and Specialized proudly lists Respect for People as one of its three core values.

Respect for People: We promote human rights in our offices and distribution centers, in our supply chain, and in our rider communities.”

Tell Specialized: Respect your workers and pay them what they are owed.

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Tell Specialized: Pay Your Workers What They're Owed

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