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Tell Green Giant: Reduce Harmful Pesticides and Go Regenerative

Across the United States, industrial agriculture techniques like monocropping and overuse of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers contribute to topsoil depletion, biodiversity and pollinator loss, water pollution, and the climate crisis. In addition, pesticide exposure harms farmworkers and rural communities.

As a major food manufacturer, B&G Foods – the owner of iconic brands like Green Giant, Cream of Wheat, and Spice Islands – has the power to drive adoption of regenerative agriculture – a holistic approach that rebuilds soil health, sequesters carbon, increases yields sustainably, reduces pollution, and mitigates climate change.


We are asking the company to transition its entire supply chain to regenerative agricultural practices, including cover-cropping, no-till farming, and crop rotation. With healthy soil as the foundation, regenerative techniques reduce reliance on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Additionally, B&G Foods must implement an integrated pest management plan to reduce and phase out all highly hazardous pesticides, starting with those that endanger farmworkers, rural communities, and ecosystems. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a "final warning" – we must transition away from extractive industrial agriculture to regenerative techniques that heal farmland and act as a solution to the climate crisis. 

As an industry leader, B&G Foods can drive this urgent transition. But we must raise our voices to ensure it takes action before it's too late.

Tell B&G Foods: Go regenerative, reduce and then eliminate harmful pesticides, and lead the transition to climate-friendly agriculture now.


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Tell Green Giant: Reduce Harmful Pesticides and Go Regenerative

Keller Jr.
B&G Foods, Inc

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