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Trader Joe's: Don't Discount Our Future

Trader Joe’s received one of the worst scores on Green America’s retailer chocolate scorecard; it shares very little information about what they are doing to address child labor and deforestation in the chocolate from which it profits.

Trader Joe’s markets itself as a friendly neighborhood grocer but is that true?

As for its climate record, Trader Joe’s refrigeration is leaking potent super-pollutant gases, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), into the atmosphere and accelerating the climate crisis. It received the lowest score on Environmental Investigation Agency’s Climate-Friendly Supermarket Scorecard and entered into a settlement with the U.S. government over its alleged violation of the Clean Air Act for leaking refrigerant greenhouse gases.

On top of that, most companies are becoming MORE transparent, but Trader Joe’s is sharing next to no information about its sourcing and operations with the public. What is Trader Joe’s hiding? Trader Joe’s sustainability report? It’s just a blog post. And, we think you and the planet deserve more than that!

Tell Trader Joe’s to take action on climate and labor.

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Tell Trader Joe's: Don’t Discount Our Futures

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