Put Planet and People Before Profit

Tell Amazon to Respect All Workers Rights and their Health and Safety

Amazon is a $1.35 trillion company. Is it making its profits off the backs of workers, consumers, and our environment?

Amazon takes a huge toll on people and the planet.

Across the United States, workers at Amazon facilities sustained injury at twice the rate than non-Amazon warehouses. Workers sustained more than 34,000 serious injuries on the job in 2021 alone. With record heat waves, countless workers report working without adequate protection and breaks as temperatures soared into 100s, as high as 121 degrees. Amazon has been cited by OSHA for violating worker safety in numerous facilities. The company is under investigation for misreporting injury data. And the National Labor Relations Board has cited Amazon for retaliating and conducting union busting campaigns against workers who advocate for safer conditions.

In addition, Amazon does not adequately protect workers along its supply chain from toxic chemicals. Chemical exposure is an egregious issue since 50% of occupational deaths are due to toxic chemical exposure. With over $41 billion in sales, Amazon is now the biggest apparel seller in the U.S. commanding 34% of all apparel sold online. While Amazon has finally adopted a Restricted Substance List (RSL) for its own apparel, accessories, and footwear products in North America, Europe, and Japan. It has not adopted a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) to reduce workers exposures to toxic chemicals in the apparel manufacturing supply chain.

Join us in calling on Amazon to put people and planet before profit!

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Tell Amazon to Respect All Workers Rights and their Health and Safety


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