Cool It for the Climate

Tell Walmart to Cool It on HFCs

Refrigeration systems are leaking out super pollutant greenhouse gases called HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) used as refrigerants.

HFCs have thousands of times the warming capacity of carbon dioxide and supermarkets are leaking millions of tons every year.

Our Cool It campaign is urging Walmart to end the use of potent HFCs. After more than 100,000 people signed our petition, Walmart announced a new goal to reach "low impact" refrigerants by 2040. But two decades is too long to wait. The climate crisis is here and we need Walmart to provide a clear, detailed plan to cut these dangerous emissions on a more aggressive timeline.

Walmart has known about this issue for years and yet, has continued to increase its HFC emissions - these gases make up over HALF of Walmart's total direct emissions.

We are urging Walmart to end its use of HFCs in all facilities by 2030 and immediately reduce its refrigerant leaks.

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Tell Walmart: Get HFCs Out of Your Fridges


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