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Take Charge of Your Credit Card
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Pledge to Break Up

YES!  I’m switching to a card that benefits people and the planet!

If your current credit card is with Bank of America, Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, US Bank or other giant banks, your charges could be funding mountaintop removal coal mining, the Keystone XL pipeline, predatory lending to vulnerable communities, fraudulent foreclosure proceedings, and worse.

Take Charge of Your Card today!  Please sign our pledge below to break up with your mega-bank credit card and switch to a responsible bank or credit union. 

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I am cutting up my mega-bank card(s) from:

I am cutting up my mega-bank card(s) from:
Please tell us what is motivating you to cut up your mega-bank card
Instead, I’m switching to a beneficial credit card from this responsible bank or credit union:

Don’t forget to mail your cut-up card back to the mega-bank card issuer with a note explaining why you are no longer doing business with them. (sample notes can be found here).

Find responsible credit card options here, and visit to find more community development banks and credit unions for all of your banking needs.