Join the “What the Starbucks?!” Protest Thursday, May 29th

You’ve probably heard about one of our latest consumer pressure campaigns asking Starbucks to provide organic dairy milk from cows not fed GMOs. After tens of thousands of Green Americans took action, sending a letter to Starbucks’ CEO, we still have received no real response from executives in their offices in Seattle. So we’re taking our message directly to a local store manager in Washington, D.C., where our Green America office is located, to encourage a bottom-up approach. 

Join us for the “What the Starbucks?!” protest at the Starbucks location in Gallery Place-Chinatown, Washington DC. There will be speakers, a cow costume, signs, and banners, and lots of fired up consumers!

What: “What the Starbucks?!” protest

When: Thursday, May 29, 12pm – 1pm

Where: In front of Starbucks in Gallery Place-Chinatown (by the metro, corner of 7th and H, NW)

With months of consumer pressure behind us, Green America Executive Director Larry Giammo sent Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz a personal letter last month, inviting the company to meet with us and discuss the opportunity to transition to organic milk. The response was underwhelming – a scripted reply from an “executive liaison” that failed to address our concerns.

By supporting conventional dairy operations, Starbucks is lending power to a GMO-fueled, corporate-controlled, pesticide-thirsty, and environmentally destructive food system. We know Starbucks can do better. 

Stand with us on May 29 and show Starbucks that we’re serious about our demand for organic milk. RSVP below - and bring a friend! The more, the merrier!


Yes! I want to join you at Starbucks in Gallery Place-Chinatown to demand organic milk from cows not fed GMOs.