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Stop the Destructive "Back Forty" Mine

Save the Menominee River. Stop the Back 40 Mine!

Toronto-based Aquila Resources is planning to dig an open-pit sulfide mine 150 feet from the Menominee River, which runs along the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan border. This is an outrageous assault on the drinking water of a good portion of the upper Midwest, on the local environment, and on the Menominee Tribe.

Sulfide mines are much more toxic than your average mine. When sulfide ore (rocks containing metals and sulfur) is exposed to air or water, it creates sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive substance that’s a component of battery acid and drain cleaners—and a suspected respiratory and musculo-skeletal toxicant.

The Menominee River runs into Lake Michigan. Over 35 million people get their drinking water from the Great Lakes. Experts note that there are no examples of metallic sulfide mines that have not polluted surface and ground waters.

In addition, the mine site lies on traditional lands of the Menominee Nation. Several Menominee burial mounds and other sites of cultural and spiritual significance to the Tribe are known to be located near the mine site.

The four companies financing the Back Forty mine—Hudbay Minerals, Orion Mine Finance, Osisko, and Ruffer—should immediately divest from the project. It has little to no community support, and it threatens human health, the environment, and critical Menominee archeological sites.

Help Green America and local activists fight off this highly toxic mine and protect the Menominee ancestors and their drinking water!

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