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Every year in the US, 13 billion gallons of water, 12 million trees are consumed in the creation of paper receipts, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste and emitting 4 billion pounds of CO2 into our atmosphere.

Additionally, an estimated 93% of paper receipts are coated with BPA (the same chemical banned from plastic bottles) or BPS (a similar replacement chemical), and should not be recycled. Well-meaning consumers who try to recycle them can contaminate recovered fiber. Research suggests that these paper receipts can contribute to human health issues. BPA is shown to contribute to developmental, reproductive, and neurological problems, and BPS can have equal effects on health.

We are working to reduce paper receipt use in major US companies to curb the waste of natural resources and protect employee and customer health. We advise companies to offer a combination of options for customers to choose from including: no receipt, digital, and non-toxic, recyclable paper.

By taking the 
Skip the Slip pledge today, you are joining a growing group of people nationwide who are using their power as consumers to urge companies to end the use of paper receipts.

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