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Every year in the US, 1 billion gallons of water, 10 million trees, and 250 million gallons of oil are consumed in the creation of paper receipts.

Since these paper slips are generally non-recyclable, they create 1.5 billion pounds of waste, contributing to methane emissions from paper products decomposing in landfills.

Additionally, thermal paper receipts made with BPA (the same chemical banned from plastic bottles) can contribute to human health issues. A study from the New York State Department of Health connects BPA to developmental, reproductive, and neurological problems. Studies show people‚Äôs blood levels of BPA spike after they touch receipts. In a test commissioned by Environmental Working Group, two-fifths of paper receipts were on heat-activated paper that was between 0.8 to nearly 3 percent pure BPA by weight. The receipts came from major retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, fast-food restaurants, post offices and automatic teller machines (ATMs). 

We are working to reduce paper receipt use in major US companies to help keep natural forests intact and divert these non-recyclable slips out of landfills.

By taking the Skip the Slip pledge today, you are joining a growing group of people nationwide who are using their power as consumers to urge companies to end the use of paper receipts.

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