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Tell Congress to Stand Strong on Climate

Tell Congress to stand strong on climate

In just the first few weeks since Congress convened, the Republican majority has been working hard to roll back progress on regulations that protect us all from toxins and climate change. These assaults moved quickly through the House of Representatives.

Now we need the Senate to halt this corporate-funded attack on our communities.

Regulatory agencies must be allowed to continue to protect our health, air, water, and rights.

The House of Representatives has already approved the Orwellian “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017”, also known as the REINS Act.  The Act prevents the federal regulatory agencies, whose jobs are to protect our food, environment, civil rights, economy, and workers, from issuing necessary regulations without Congressional approval.

They also passed The Regulatory Accountability Act that would require more than 70 burdensome new steps in the regulatory process and privilege rules that are the least costly for industry, regardless of the public benefit.

And, they also passed The Midnight Rules Relief Act, which would give Congress the power to repeal, all-at-once, hundreds of essential public safeguards put in place over the past 12 months.

Unless the Senate blocks these attacks on clean air and water, regulations that are meant to protect us—the people—will be at the mercy of corporate- backed interests in Congress.

The House also passed a bill that would prevent courts from deferring to regulatory agencies when interpreting regulations, which is and should be the practice of all courts in the US.   

These bills are a major assault on federal agencies’ abilities to protect all Americans and the separation of powers.  

These extraordinary power grabs by the Republican-controlled Congress, at the behest of corporate America, are now going to the Senate, and ultimately, the President. And, this is just the beginning.   

To make matters worse, the House is attempting to use the Congressional Review Act (used only once in its 20-year history) to undo regulations that limit methane emissions from oil and gas drilling. The same goes for the Stream Protection Rule which protects and restores streams by putting new limits and standards on how coal mining companies engage in mountaintop removal mining and other destruction. These rules went through a full public comment period and were shown to create significant public benefit, but the fossil fuel industry hates the regulations and donates large sums to anti-environmental legislators.   

We may not have millions of dollars to donate to campaigns, but we can still raise our voices today to stop the assault on our environment, our health, and our rights.

Tell your senators to halt this corporate-funded attack on regulatory agencies that protect our health and the health of the planet.

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