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Tell the US Government: GMOs Need Regulation

#FixGMORules - GMO regulations must have mandatory safety testing, labeling, and liabilityCurrently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Department of Agriculture (USDA) are charged with ensuring the safety of GE foods sold in the United States based on the so-called Coordinated Framework of 1986.

Unfortunately, the last thirty years has proved this system to be anything but coordinated.
The agencies continue to ignore the risks and properties of GMOs and instead try to regulate them using contradictory, outdated, and voluntary regulatory standards. As a result, GE crops’ significant harms to farmers, public health, and the environment continue, unabated. 

FDA “regulation” is only voluntary – leaving genetically engineered foods on the US market without independent testing for risks to human health. Additionally, labelling is not required, leaving consumers in the dark about whether their food is genetically engineered.

USDA is supposed to protect farmers and the environment, but has intentionally ignored the harms that GE crops cause, like transgenic contamination, the creation of resistant weeds, and massive increases in pesticides.

And though herbicide-resistant GE crops make up the vast majority of all commercialized GE crops in the United States, the EPA still does not evaluate the environmental risks of these varieties and their accompanying pesticides. 

This mixed-up system means the responsibility of protecting our food system is falling through the cracks.

The government must fix this lack of regulation of GE crops by including three basic protections:

  1. 1.    Mandatory, independent safety testing.
  2. 2.    Biotech company liability for contamination.
  3. 3.    Mandatory labeling for all genetically engineered foods.

Following the precautionary principle, the Obama Administration should halt the approval, commercialization, and release of any new genetically engineered crops or animals until these principles are implemented.

Tell the Obama Administration you want mandatory labeling, testing, and liability of GE foods!

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