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Tell Ace and True Value to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides

bee on white flowerWith study after study piling up, the science is clear on neonicotinoids: These pesticides are one of the leading causes of recent bee die-offs, and national retailers like Ace Hardware and True Value that continue to sell neonicotinoid-treated plants and seeds are peddling dangerous toxins.

Research shows that even when neonics don't kill bees outright, they can make them more vulnerable to diseases and other stressors. Neonics are systemic insecticides, so all parts of plants treated with them are toxic to our pollinators, including the pollen.

Recently, Ace expressed that it's "willing to move away" from selling these chemicals, but it has refused to commit to any concrete action as Lowe's, Home Improvement, BJ's Wholesale Club, and other garden retailers have done.

Take action! Tell Ace and True Value that they must remove all products with neonicotinoids from their shelves now.

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