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Tell The Children’s Place: It’s time to pay up!

The Children's Place protest

It’s been nearly two years since Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh, but still major brands, including The Children’s Place, have refused to pay full and fair compensation to survivors and the families of victims.

At least 1,138 garment workers were killed in the collapse and at least 2,500 were injured. Many of the injured workers were trapped for days before being rescued, watching helplessly as their friends and colleagues died in front of them.

Some of the survivors were freed from the building days later only after rescuers amputated their crushed limbs onsite.

Many of the survivors aren’t able to find work, some too disabled by their injuries and others too traumatized. The injured workers and the families who lost loved-ones – for many, their only income-earner – are now trying to survive economic impoverishment amidst the pain and trauma.

The Children’s Place shares responsibility for the Rana Plaza disaster. The building was structurally unsafe, yet the company continued to place orders there, apparently unconcerned with the imminent danger workers faced every day they reported to work.

To help bring justice to the victims, we’re calling on The Children’s Place to pay the $8.5 million still owed to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund before April 24, 2015, the second anniversary of the building collapse. As the “largest pure-play children’s specialty apparel retailer in the United States” with $110 million in company profits and $152 million in shareholder pay-outs in the past two years, and whose CEO Jane Elfers earned $17 million in 2012, it is well within the company’s ability to pay $8.5 million.

Learn more at The Orphans Place.

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