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SOS! National Day of Action to Save Our Southern Forests

Dogwood Logging

Today’s biggest threat to US southern forests is the growing biomass industry. Our beautiful forests are being clear-cut, processed into pellets, and then shipped to Europe to be burned for electricity.   

The increased demand for wood pellets for fuel in the EU, and particularly in the United Kingdom, is driving the expansion of wood pellet manufacturing and export in the southern US.  It is impossible for the forests to sustain this rate of expansion.

Mounting scientific research shows that burning wood pellets manufactured from trees will increase near-term carbon emissions and accelerate climate change. A recent report released by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change confirms that all scenarios in which whole trees or coarse woody residuals are used for wood pellets produce a result that is not carbon beneficial.

Forests also provide our communities with clean air to breathe, water to drink, and natural protection from flooding and hurricanes. They are home to countless species of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Cutting them down as a solution to the climate crisis is bad policy and makes no sense. We can no longer invest in forest destruction; we need to focus on forest conservation.

The Green America Better Paper Project has been working to protect forests in the U.S. by getting the magazine industry to use recycled paper. Now Green America is joining Dogwood Alliance and people from across the U.S. for a National Day of Action to send an SOS to Save Our Southern Forests.

This action is coordinated on the same day as the wood products industry meets in Chesapeake, VA to celebrate the destruction and export of our incredible forests. With 20 existing wood pellet facilities and 33 more proposed, it’s crucial that we show European Union policymakers that the biomass industry is bad for our environment, our communities, and our economy.

Join us in sending an SOS of more than 10,000 messages to EU policymakers to save our southern forests!

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