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Tell the EPA You Support Strong Greenhouse Gas Limits on Power Plants

BurningAs of Jan. 8, 2014, the EPA has posted its much-delayed carbon pollution standards for new power plants to the Federal Register, which means the public has 60 days to submit comment. (UPDATE, 3/10/14:  Comment period now extended through May 9, 2014.)  Already, those who oppose the new rule are mobilizing to flood the EPA with comments critical of the "Obama War on Coal."  We need to show that citizens coast-to-coast support limits to the carbon pollution new coal-fired power plants may emit.

According to the EPA's own report, electric power plants produce the largest share of the atmospheric CO2 emitted in the US, and at present there are no national limits these emissions from power plants.  The proposed new limits would impose a standard of environmental responsibility that would encourage innovation and investment in lower-carbon technologies, new energy infrastructure, and increased energy efficiency.

Please take our action below to send a message of support directly to the EPA, or check out the EPA's own guidelines for submitting comment on this proposal.

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