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Oppose Trump’s Cabinet of Greed

Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments are a who’s who of pro-corporate, anti-consumer, and anti-environmental leaders. This is NOT what the American people want for their government. 

Consider that:

  • 73 percent of Americans favor prioritizing alternative/clean energy over oil and natural gas.
  • Nearly two thirds of Americans say that they are worried about global warming and believe that it is caused by human activity.
  • A majority of Americans and a growing number of businesses support raising the minimum wage.
  • 60 percent of registered voters support increased overtime pay for workers.
  • 75 percent of Americans support tougher regulation of Wall Street, and 71 percent approve of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Yet, Donald Trump’s picks for his Cabinet deny climate change, want to increase fossil fuel production, want to weaken protections of the environment, are opposed to the minimum wage and overtime pay for employees, and want to lessen regulation of Wall Street.

Republicans have a very narrow lead in the Senate.  If Democrats stand firm, and just a handful of Republicans join with Democrats, they can block several of Trump’s appointees.

We do have a chance!

Please tell your Senator to oppose Trump’s Cabinet of Greed.

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