Nanotechnology Doesn't Belong in Infant Formula

Nano is a no-no. Don't use babies as lab rats!

Mead Johnson Nutrition, Nestlé, and Walgreens are exposing babies to unhealthy and under-studied nanoparticles. Their top-selling products include engineered nanoparticles such as nano titanium dioxide and nano silicon dioxide. Recent science says that these substances are likely toxic for humans and other living things.

Nanoparticles can enter cells, tissues, and organs and may harm our health. And yet, these tiny engineered particles have not gone through proper safety assessments, and there is no regulatory process in place to protect consumers. Babies are our most vulnerable population and the full impacts of ingestion and exposure to nanoparticles is unknown. What we do know is that we shouldn't be using our littlest loved ones as test subjects.

Take action and tell these companies our babies deserve better than dangerous nanoparticles!

Learn more about nanoparticles and their presence in infant formula in this report.

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