Smucker's: Remove GMOs and Go Organic

Smucker's: Make PB&J Great Again

With a name like Smucker’s it is probably full of GMOs. 

Many of the ingredients in Smucker’s fruit spreads and JIF peanut butter are genetically engineered (GMOs). The high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar, canola, and soy are all derived from GMOs.  

But, Smucker’s doesn’t want you to know about its GMOs. The J.M. Smucker Company spent over $1 million dollars fighting GMO labeling, working hard to keep Americans in the dark about what is in our food, as it continues to jam products full of GMOs. 

GMOs are engineered to work in conjunction with toxic agrochemicals, such as glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. Glyphosate was deemed a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization, is linked to negative health impacts, and is responsible for the development of superweeds.  

Tell Smucker’s that GMOs, and their associated chemicals, have no place in peanut butter and jelly products that are marketed to children and families. Choosey moms, dads, and kids of all ages choose non-GMO.

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