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Stop GE Wheat - protect our final frontier

Tell Wheat Growers and Sellers
You Don’t Want GE Wheat!

For 8,000 years, wheat has served as a staple crop for humankind. Today it is the top traded commodity worldwide—grown on more acreage than any other crop and is the main source of calories for 20% of the world’s population.

This staple crop is now at risk. Monsanto and other major biotechnology companies are in the process of developing varieties of herbicide-resistant GE wheat. Wheat growers are being told GE wheat is the golden ticket to greater yields and increased revenue. But this just isn’t the case.

GE wheat will have significant negative environmental impacts. Herbicide-tolerant wheat would result in an increased use of pesticides and fertilizers, which will result in the deterioration of soil health, loss of key pollinators, risks to human health, and water pollution.

The introduction of GE wheat would put the economic sustainability of the entire US wheat supply at risk. Just over half of all US production is sold abroad, most in countries with strong opposition to GMOs. Organic and non-GE wheat sold for US consumption will also be threatened, due the ease of field-to-field contamination.

Consumers are increasingly choosing organic and non-GMO. Seed companies, growers, and retailers need to know that you care about the integrity of the wheat supply and that you are not interested in purchasing products that contain GE wheat.

Join us in protecting the “final frontier” of our food supply, untouched by genetic engineering by letting wheat growers and sellers know that you don’t want GE wheat!

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