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Amazon - build a cleaner cloud

Anything “in the cloud” is stored on servers that require massive amounts of energy to operate—and's Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers are some of the largest and dirtiest in the industry.

While other major technology firms have established data centers powered by 100% renewable energy, like wind and solar, Amazon continues to power most of its servers with fossil fuels. The burning of these fossil fuels increases the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, leading to climate change.

What’s more, Amazon has refused to disclose any information about its energy use. The company also refuses to produce an annual sustainability report. Amazon is hiding its impacts on the planet from its customers and shareholders.

No one should have to choose between using the Internet or protecting the planet. Consumer pressure on Amazon works. In the last year, the company committed to five clean energy projects to generate power from wind and the sun. But in terms of energy use overall, the majority of Amazon’s power still comes from fossil fuels.

Join us in calling on Amazon to build a cleaner cloud—one that is powered by renewable energy.

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