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No More Extreme Energy Extraction

The United States is rapidly expanding extreme energy projects nationwide.  More and more communities are experiencing the harmful impacts of gas fracking and tar sands, including poisoned air and water, ruined infrastructure, and even earthquakes.  And, the turn to extreme energy is making the United States a leader in fossil fuel production when we should be doing everything we can to reduce climate change emissions.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) plays a major role in the rush to extreme energy.  FERC rubber stamps the pipelines, transportation, and export of these dangerous fuels.  Most recently, FERC approved the Cove Point LNG Export Facility in Maryland which will increase the demand for fossil fuels and expand destructive fracking – all to send natural gas to Asia.  Fourteen more LNG export plants are pending and, incredibly, three import plants.
The only winners in the expansion of extreme energy projects are the companies and CEOs that profit off them.
Join Green America in telling FERC that it’s about time they put people and the planet ahead of profits and stopped rubber stamping extreme fossil fuel extraction projects!

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