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Tell the EPA you support strong limits on carbon emissions from power plants

BurningThe EPA has issued new rules on limiting carbon emissions from existing power plants in the US, and they are now accepting comments from the public. No surprise -- Big Coal is trying to kill these rules. So the EPA needs to hear from you!

The proposed rules are an important step forward since power plants are the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses. The rules have already provoked a huge backlash from the fossil fuels industry and its allies, which say that the EPA is going too far.

However, the reality is the EPA’s new rules don’t reduce emissions fast enough and don’t go far enough to limit natural gas, biomass, and burning garbage as energy sources. They also need to do more to protect our poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Don't let Big Coal dominate! Let the EPA know that you support strong regulation of carbon emissions from power plants and want them to go even further to protect our health and the health of our planet.

Send a message directly to the EPA below.

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