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Tell Samsung to put an end to worker abuse

Samsung is the most popular cell phone manufacturer in the world. In 2013, Samsung sold an estimated 550 million phones worldwide or nearly twice as many phones as the US population. The story behind these flashy, high-tech gadgets, however, is a disturbing one.

Workers in Samsung’s facilities in China and Korea work long hours for little pay and often do not have adequate safety training or equipment to keep themselves safe on the job.  Hundreds of former Samsung workers have become ill after working with dangerous chemicals in its plants in Korea. Most upsetting of all, children younger than 16 were recently found to be working in a Samsung facility in Dongguan, China.

These abuses are in violation of national laws, international labor law, and Samsung’s own Global Code of Conduct, which states that the company will treat workers in a fair and legal manner, will not endanger worker health and safety, and will not hire underage workers.

Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to work in Samsung’s supply chain around the world. No company should be able to get away with endangering so many people or employing young children, just to turn a profit. And, with profits of $36 billion last year, it is completely shameful that Samsung is relying on child labor.

Join Green America and China Labor Watch in holding Samsung accountable so that no more workers are mistreated or endangered while making Samsung’s products.  

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