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Tell Apple to go further to protect workers from dangerous chemicals

On August 14, in response to consumer pressure, Apple announced it would ban the use of benzene and n-hexane at its final assembly facilities.

Now that we know Apple is listening, we want to encourage the company to go further to protect worker health and safety throughout its supply chain.

Furthermore, the ban will be imposed at 18 assembly factories, or just 5% of Apple’s suppliers in China. Benzene and n-hexane are still allowed in factories that produce the components for iPhones and iPads, and chemical usage and safety measures are less controlled in these second and third tier factories. Of Apple’s 1.5 million workers in China, two thirds of them are estimated to work in these deeper level factories.

Beyond benzene and n-hexane, there are thousands of substances used in the manufacturing of electronics—some of which are largely untested—and many chemicals used by Apple suppliers remain undisclosed.

It is laudable that Apple has made this commitment, but we stress that implementation of this commitment is the key to improving safety for workers.

Join Green America in thanking Apple for taking this first step to protect workers and encouraging the company to go further to ensure all workers who make its products are protected from dangerous chemicals.

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