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Godiva: Protect cocoa workers and West African children by going Fair Trade

Godiva, child labor is bad for your image. (and for kids.)

Compared to Hershey and Mars, Godiva may appear to be a small, artisanal chocolate company—but this is far from the case. In 2007, Godiva was acquired by Yıldız Holding, a major food manufacturer in Turkey that owns 65 companies. Ülker, Yıldız's largest brand, produces 25 different chocolate products.

Additionally, Godiva’s premium image could lead consumers to believe it’s a premium product in regards to sustainability. However, while Godiva has made promises on its website to source all of its cocoa sustainably by 2020, it does not have a plan for doing so, or even an explanation for what sustainability means.  

Godiva and Ülker share in their failure to protect vulnerable workers at the beginning of their supply chains.  While other chocolate companies use third-party certification to ensure that their products aren't tainted with forced child labor and the exploitation of cocoa-producing communities, Godiva and Ülker do not.  

No West African child should be forced to endure grueling cocoa-field labor for low or no pay so that other children can enjoy chocolate.

Please sign our letter to Godiva and Ülker, and their parent company, Yıldız Holding, asking them to purchase cocoa beans that have been made without child labor.   

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