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Tell Lawmakers: Create a More Level Playing Field for Renewable Energy Investing

SolarGood news for bi-partisan clean-energy solutions!

Right now, a pair of bills -- one in the House, and one in the Senate -- may be on their way toward correcting a bias written into the tax code that favors fossil-fuel investing over clean-energy investing.

The Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) Parity Acts would end restrictions on clean-energy ventures seeking to organize as MLPs, opening up access to easy, low-cost capital previously reserved only for the fossil-fuel industry.

"Our bill just allows renewable energy projects to compete fairly," says Sen. Chris Coons (D, Delaware), sponsor of the Senate bill.  "It gives an equal chance for success for projects using energy from wind and the sun, the heat of the Earth, and biomass; breakthrough technologies for affordable homegrown energy for generations to come."

However, as currently written, the MLP Parity Acts would extend not only to clean energy companies, but also to additional dirty energy sources not previously included as eligible for MLP status.  Because we must focus future energy development in this country on low-carbon and sustainable sources, Green America urges that only proven low-carbon and sustainable sources of energy be given MLP status by these bills.

Please send a message to your representative and senators today, urging them to support expanding MLP-restricted benefits to clean and renewable energy projects, without expanding benefits for high-carbon energy projects at the same time.

The Senate bill is sponsored by Sen. Coons, along with Jerry Moran (R, Kansas), Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska), and Debbie Stabenow (D, Michigan).  The House bill is sponsored by  Ted Poe (R, Texas), Corey Gardner (R, Colorado),  Chris Gibson (R, NY), Mike Thompson (D, California),  and Peter Welch (D, Vermont.  You may edit your letter to make it more personal. 

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