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Pledge to green your Holiday!

The holidays are upon us and our country is entering the biggest buying season of the year. Americans will spend a total of $586.1 billion dollars in November and December — and an average of $646 per person on gifts alone.

The impact on people and planet of all our consumption is staggering.

America's most irresponsible corporations profit hand-over-fist, without regard to the true environmental cost, labor injustice, or excessive waste.

But it’s not all bah, humbug… You do have a choice.

Please stand with Green America and pledge to shift 20% or more of your holiday spending away from cookie-cutter consumerism and one-use waste—instead supporting local, green, handmade and homegrown businesses!

When you include organic and Fair Trade ingredients in holiday meals, make your own gifts and gift wrap, and choose greener gifts — it’s a great way to show the joyous side of going green.

Less Tinsel…More Joy!

I pledge to consume less and spend wisely this holiday season. When I do make holiday purchases, I pledge to shift 20% or more of my spending away from cookie-cutter consumerism and one-use waste; and towards local, green, Fair Trade, handmade and homegrown businesses that produce sustainable goods for people and the planet.

Together, if all American households shift just 20% of our holiday spending to green purchases, we could steer nearly $117.2 billion toward green jobs and the green economy.

That's billions toward businesses that build community… billions toward recycling, composting, and reuse… billions toward reduced energy use… billions toward fair supply chains that protect workers and stop sweatshop abuses.

It's my way of telling big-box stores and greedy CEOs it's time to start investing in a clean energy future, paying fair wages, valuing local communities, and protecting the planet we all share!

Take the pledge!
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Number Date Name How will you consume less ...
2563 Wed Nov 25 08:35:02 EST 2015 Dorothy Foley
2562 Fri Nov 20 21:24:08 EST 2015 Kathleen Ashpaugh Support local artisans, and shops, buy less, recycle wrapping.
2561 Fri Nov 20 13:46:17 EST 2015 Charlene Boydston
2560 Mon Nov 16 14:35:21 EST 2015 Anonymous
2559 Sun Nov 15 19:11:45 EST 2015 Anonymous Make my gifts!!
2558 Sun Nov 15 14:08:52 EST 2015 Lisa Goldman
2557 Sat Nov 14 20:39:34 EST 2015 Y Saavedra Continue to make or bake "custom" gifts. Purchase from local holiday, craft fairs, local artisans. Wrap with reusable bags.
2556 Sat Nov 14 14:05:12 EST 2015 Woosi Wildwood Reusable or consumable presents from local artists & fewer presents overall.
2555 Sat Nov 14 13:36:24 EST 2015 Margaret Blakley
2554 Sat Nov 14 02:55:01 EST 2015 Mehdi Ranjbar
2553 Fri Nov 13 22:58:01 EST 2015 Patricia Ferguson
2552 Fri Nov 13 18:24:57 EST 2015 Marilyn Walther Handmade and home-baked gifts
2551 Fri Nov 13 13:43:00 EST 2015 Rachael Denny Try to patronize local businesses as much as possible.
2550 Fri Nov 13 13:04:28 EST 2015 MaryAnn Gregory Reuseable packing fair trade purchasing charitable "adoptions"
2549 Fri Nov 13 12:22:31 EST 2015 Anonymous Reusable gift wrap (made from either used clothing) or any packaging that can be repurposed for wrapping. Homemade gifts where possible.
2548 Fri Nov 13 09:55:03 EST 2015 Jodi Larson I will shop at small shops that value fair trade. I am making most of the adult gifts. I always buy organic from a local co-op.Ordered my free range turkey for both holidays from the co-op. Animal cruelty More....
2547 Fri Nov 13 09:32:17 EST 2015 Anonymous Only shopping fair trade or at small businesses for Christmas presents.
2546 Fri Nov 13 07:48:23 EST 2015 Salome Argyropoulos
2545 Fri Nov 13 07:46:40 EST 2015 Brenda McCandless
2544 Fri Nov 13 07:08:09 EST 2015 Anonymous this year we are treating family to an overnight stay in a lodge. Our gift is being together
2543 Fri Nov 13 06:22:47 EST 2015 Lisa Griffin Buying local and purchasing handmade, sustainable gifts.
2542 Fri Nov 13 05:52:15 EST 2015 Adele Bradley
2541 Fri Nov 13 05:32:07 EST 2015 Julia M Less stuff, more fun! We have pledged to do fun activities this holiday season instead of buying more stuff.
2540 Fri Nov 13 01:36:45 EST 2015 Anonymous Spend time on making memories and not money on friends and family
2539 Fri Nov 13 00:27:50 EST 2015 Bambi Magie Use the decorations I already have! Buy a few gifts from the GreaterGood site
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