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Pledge to green your Holiday!

The holidays are upon us and our country is entering the biggest buying season of the year. Americans will spend a total of $586.1 billion dollars in November and December — and an average of $646 per person on gifts alone.

The impact on people and planet of all our consumption is staggering.

America's most irresponsible corporations profit hand-over-fist, without regard to the true environmental cost, labor injustice, or excessive waste.

But it’s not all bah, humbug… You do have a choice.

Please stand with Green America and pledge to shift 20% or more of your holiday spending away from cookie-cutter consumerism and one-use waste—instead supporting local, green, handmade and homegrown businesses!

When you include organic and Fair Trade ingredients in holiday meals, make your own gifts and gift wrap, and choose greener gifts — it’s a great way to show the joyous side of going green.

Less Tinsel…More Joy!

I pledge to consume less and spend wisely this holiday season.

When I do make holiday purchases, I pledge to shift 20% or more of my spending away from cookie-cutter consumerism and one-use waste; and towards local, green, Fair Trade, handmade and homegrown businesses that produce sustainable goods for people and the planet.

Together, if all American households shift just 20% of our holiday spending to green purchases, we could steer nearly $11.6 billion toward green jobs and the green economy.

That's $5.8 billion toward businesses that build community… $5.8 billion toward recycling, composting, and reuse… $5.8 billion toward reduced energy use… $5.8 billion toward fair supply chains that protect workers and stop sweatshop abuses.

It's my way of telling big-box stores and greedy CEOs it's time to start investing in a clean energy future, paying fair wages, valuing local communities, and protecting the planet we all share!

Take the pledge!
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Number Date Name How will you consume less ...
2482 Mon Feb 17 23:47:50 EST 2014 Bill Nierstedt We will not shop at Wal-Mart. We will shop at local stores. We will recycle ALL wrapping paper and Christmas cards, and re-use our cards as postcards for next year. We will try very hard NOT to buy More....
2481 Sun Feb 02 00:04:02 EST 2014 Renee Kermeen
2480 Thu Jan 16 00:59:14 EST 2014 Mark Teig
2479 Tue Jan 14 10:11:57 EST 2014 John Sodrel
2478 Sun Jan 05 13:58:06 EST 2014 Janis Todd
2477 Sat Dec 28 18:19:55 EST 2013 G. Bommelaere
2476 Tue Dec 24 22:23:04 EST 2013 AishaK EL-Mekki 205 -->204I consistently use tote bags; If I need something, I check w/family first to see if the needed item can be borrowed; I don't buy from fast food shops and we're spending our holiday free-time decluttering.
2475 Tue Dec 24 09:34:45 EST 2013 Tiffany Theden I made all of our gifts to friends this year - photos transferred onto wood, cotton grocery bags, found sea shell ornaments, and homemade spice mixtures! I also wrap things w/ newspaper & tie it w/ some More....
2474 Mon Dec 23 21:54:57 EST 2013 Harriet Horton I shall listen to what persons say they need or want, give handmade/ locally produced AMAP, shop sales, recycle boxes & wrap.paper/ decor bags. I shall burn less of outdoor lights. I shall use what I More....
2473 Sat Dec 21 17:14:43 EST 2013 Christine Kasten
2472 Sat Dec 21 13:53:40 EST 2013 Dennis DeMarinis
2471 Thu Dec 19 16:30:56 EST 2013 Karen Christian I'm way ahead of you on this! Don't shop at the big box stores, don't buy anything from China, gift the family with donations to charities, nothing extravagant, everything green or recycled.
2470 Tue Dec 17 21:26:15 EST 2013 Anonymous My family never buys many gifts. We did a lot of our shopping at fairs, markets and farming and gardening conferences from small crafty vendors. We always save and reuse our wrapping paper!
2469 Mon Dec 16 13:40:40 EST 2013 Anonymous We have stopped buying gifts for family and friends altogether. Instead, we donate to a good cause.
2468 Sun Dec 15 23:34:09 EST 2013 Anonymous My friend and I do iFly which is indoor skydiving. I believe they recycle the air and power to the wind tunnel so it's pretty green.
2467 Sun Dec 15 13:21:27 EST 2013 Ailene Elkin I am not buying family or friend gifts at all this year. My gift will be having fun time together with good food, playing games at home, and lots of laughter together!
2466 Fri Dec 13 00:37:46 EST 2013 Denise Lytle
2465 Thu Dec 12 14:44:18 EST 2013 Edward Estrella
2464 Wed Dec 11 22:33:17 EST 2013 Jennielee Dietz Continue togive
2463 Wed Dec 11 13:16:18 EST 2013 Anonymous all these things l
\ l /
\ l /
\ /
2462 Tue Dec 10 12:17:32 EST 2013 Janiece Staton
2461 Mon Dec 09 23:50:17 EST 2013 Payal Patel I will not buy gift wrapping paper, cards, nor new ornaments. I will find ways to decorate using materials I already have. I will give my friends and family green gifts such as utensil packs.
2460 Mon Dec 09 20:22:52 EST 2013 Jason Berteotti
2459 Sun Dec 08 23:00:13 EST 2013 roberta merrill Celebrate this holiday season with my family. Making gifts for them. I always wear same old clothing for years. if need new clothing, I shop at thrifty. I recycle. I use tote bags for groceries and local More....
2458 Sun Dec 08 21:52:55 EST 2013 Eric Fosburgh
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