We Retailers Pledge to Keep GE Salmon Out of the Fish Market

AquaBounty Technologies has developed the first genetically engineered animal, AquAdvantage Salmon, which has been proposed to the FDA for market approval.  The deadline to submit public comments to the FDA regarding the safety assessment of the genetically engineered salmon is quickly approaching. (April 26, 2013)

We hope the FDA will agree with the hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations who have already submitted concerns about the negative health and environmental impacts of introducing GE salmon to the marketplace.  However, should the FDA let us down we have a backup plan.

GMO Inside, in partnership with the Coalition for GE-Free Seafood, is calling on retailers and restaurants to send an even stronger message—to the FDA, to the makers of AquAdvantage Salmon, and to the marketplace—we won’t sell genetically engineered salmon!

National retailers, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, as well as dozens of local grocers, have already vowed not to carry GE salmon.  This preemptive ban will surely sink the advancement of GE salmon, regardless of what the FDA deems to be safe.

Without market demand for this product, and no retail outlets, GE salmon won’t sell.

Please join retail outlets across the country and pledge not to carry GE salmon!

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