Say Cheerio to Honey Nut GMOs!

It’s America’s #1 breakfast cereal: Honey Nut GMOs.

While oats, which are not genetically modified, are the primary ingredient in Honey Nut Cheerios, the second and third ingredients listed on the box are sugar and corn starch. Along with Vitamin E (which is used to preserve freshness), “natural” flavors, and canola oil, these ingredients are most likely derived from genetically modified sources.

GMO Insiders took the food industry by storm in 2012, when the campaign to remove GMOs from original yellow-box Cheerios began. Just one year later, after a groundswell of consumer demand, General Mills announced its decision to remove GMOs from Cheerios, which took a year of investment and changes in operation. Non-GMO Cheerios are expected to hit shelves in early 2014.

So what about Honey Nut Cheerios? While original Cheerios contains only one gram of sugar per serving, Honey Nut Cheerios contains nine times the amount of sugar. Though not specified on the box, a majority of processed sugar comes from sugar beets, which are mostly genetically modified. Take this statistic, for example: In 2010, 95% of the sugar beets grown in the US were Monsanto patented.

Honey Nut Cheerios likely contains more GMOs than original Cheerios ever did, considering its high sugar content and the inclusion of corn starch, Vitamin E, “natural” flavors, and canola oil. Additionally, GMOs require an increasing amount of toxic chemicals, such as atrazine, neonicotinoids, and glyphosate, for which studies are raising concern around their impacts on human, animal, pollinator, and environmental health.

Join Green America and the GMO Inside campaign in calling on General Mills to continue its response to consumer demand by removing GMOs from Honey Nut Cheerios, getting third-party verification, and working to reduce pesticide use.

Kendall J. Powell

General Mills
Chairman and CEO

General Mills Customer Support

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