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Abbott, Mead Johnson, and Nestlé: Our babies deserve better than GMOs!

Who's Making Your Baby A Lab Rat

Abbott Laboratories, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and Nestlé are exposing American and Canadian babies to unhealthy and under-studied GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  

Their top-selling products, which combined account for 90% of formula sales in the US, contain corn, sugar, soy—all ingredients, that are highly likely to be genetically engineered in the US.  

GMOs have never been proven safe for human consumption and the inadequate research that has been done on GMOs does not look at long-term effects in humans, let alone infants.

Babies are particularly vulnerable when it comes to eating GMOs. According to pediatrician Michelle Perro, infant livers do not reach maturity for about two years and therefore are less equipped to process toxins in the body, such as the herbicides used on genetically modified foods.  (Read Dr. Perro’s explanation here.)

Adding insult to injury, these companies all spent money to vote down GMO labeling in California last year, thus obstructing a parent’s right to know whether or not the first food they are feeding their newborns contains GMOs.  

So who are these companies peddling these unhealthy infant formulas?

Abbott Laboratories (ABT), a pharmaceutical company and maker of Similac, accounts for roughly 43% of the market for infant formula in the US.  Similac varieties contain corn, soy, and sugar.  Last year, Abbott Laboratories brought in more than $39 billion in sales and spent $334,500 to turn down Prop 37 in California last fall.

Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) is the maker of Enfamil and is also responsible for 40% of infant formula sales in the US.  Enfamil varieties also contain corn, soy, and sugar ingredients.  Last year Mead Johnson brought in 3.9 billion in sales and spent $80,000 against GMO labeling in California. 

Finally Nestlé, who already has a bad track record when it comes to marketing infant formula to mothers as being superior to breast milk , makes “Gerber Good Start” which contains high-risk GMO ingredients such as corn, soy and sugar.   Good Start represents 15% of infant formula sales in the US.  Worldwide, Nestle had over $92 billion in sales last year and spent $1,461,600 against the consumer’s right to know about GMO ingredients in California. 

Join GMO Inside in taking action – Our babies deserve better than GMOs!

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Abbott Laboratories

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