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My Dunkin' Donuts coffee built this school in Ecuador

Dear Green American,

Dunkin’ Donuts needs to hear from thousands of people today that we care about the lives of coffee farmers and their families and expect Dunkin’ to do its part. 

Unfortunately, Dunkin’ has just announced that they will no longer sell Fair Trade Certified coffee in their stores.
  That’s terrible news for farmers and their families who rely on Fair Trade to make ends meet.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Dunkin’ to not turn its back on coffee farmers and their families!

For over a decade Dunkin’, which sells the most coffee by the cup in America, has been supporting farmers with each espresso drink they sell.  That’s because Dunkin’s espresso beans have been certified Fair Trade – guaranteeing a minimum price per pound of coffee, plus a premium that farmer cooperatives can use to support their community.   

But all of that is about to change—for the worse.  Dunkin’ has told the farmers it’s ending its purchase of Fair Trade coffee.  That puts farmers at a big risk.  The loss of the premium alone could result in farmers losing $2.4 million per year – funds that go to buying seeds for the next harvest and ensuring that their children have three meals a day.

TAKE ACTION:  Tell Dunkin’ to continue to sell Fair Trade Certified coffee!

Farmers throughout Latin America are reaching out to Dunkin’ asking the company to continue its support of Fair Trade, and we need to join the farmers in urging Dunkin’ to do the right thing.  Let’s make sure Dunkin’ hears from thousands of concerned consumers today that they should renew their commitment to and sell more Fair Trade coffee, and should look towards selling more Fair Trade and organic products in general.

Let Dunkin’ know that you care about the lives of farmers and want Fair Trade coffee
, and then share this action with all your friends and family.

Thanks for all you do to promote a more just world.
ToddTodd (signature)
Todd Larsen
Executive Co-Director, Consumer and Corporate Engagement
Green America

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