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MO Inside's chocolate covered thank you gift when you donate to our Dollar for Dollar Matching Gift Challenge. Supplies are Limited!

Dear Green American ,

Here at GMO Inside, we are obsessed with eating organic chocolate. Every time we share a bar, we joke that it's one more way we are 'dedicated' to growing a non-GMO marketplace!  

So it's no surprise when I asked, "After so many WINS in 2015, what could we do to do encourage people to support our AMAZING work for 2016?"...staff said chocolate!

Here is our chocolate challenge to you:

When you donate $25 or more to our 'Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Gift Campaign,' we'll send you an elegant collection of Organic, non-GMO Chocolate: a bar of organic dark chocolate and a bar of chocolate caramel crunch with sea salt from Equal Exchange.
Offer ends at midnight, December 31st.

You are a crucial part of GMO Inside and the broader work of Green America. As a non-profit 501(c)(3), we depend on support from mindful people like you.

No really, 67% of our operating budget comes individual contributions. 

Have your tax-deductible gift matched dollar-for-dollar when you give by December 31st and let us send you a chocolate-covered thank you!

With your generous support in 2016 we will:

  • Fight Monsanto and the Wheat Growers Association (WGA) to stop GMO wheat before it’s planted,
  • Build on our pioneering work to get Starbucks to source organic milk. After all, they serve more milk than they do coffee!
  • Target 3 more major companies to remove GMOs from baby and kids' food.

Together, we can protect our families from corporate recklessness. Together, we can protect our bodies and our food! Please help us tackle our ambitious 2016 agenda by donating to our dollar-for-dollar match today.

We can't do it without you,

AlisaAlisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz
Green America

P.S. Green America devotes 87 cents out of every dollar raised to our high-impact campaigns like GMO Inside, putting us in the best practice category among non-profits.

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