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GMO Inside - If corporations won't label GMOs, then we the people will.

Non-GMO Lunchbox!

Packing a non-GMO lunch

It's back-to-school time! As the summer comes to an end, it is time to start thinking about what you are going to fill your kid’s lunch box with. Some of the most popular lunchtime snacks and foods have GMOs hidden in them. With so many great alternatives out there, make sure to educate yourself on what to steer clear of and what to stock up on. Check out our list of products to avoid and great alternatives.

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Amplify Your Voice for Organic Milk

grab your virtual megaphone to call out Starbucks

For over a year, GMO Inside has been putting pressure on Starbucks to transition to organic dairy. As one of the largest purchasers of dairy in the US, Starbucks is in a unique position to make big changes in the dairy industry. We’re partnering with a new campaign platform called Amplifyd. Here’s the gist - pledge a certain amount of money to show Starbucks you would spend money there, but if and only if it commits to transitioning to organic milk. Pledging future spending at Starbucks is a clear way to show a financial interest and commitment to organic milk, as well as provide tangible proof that it is time the company steps up its game.

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Year of the Soil

international year of soil - getting our hands dirty

The UN deemed 2015 the year of the soil. Soil is our unsung hero and is essential for global food security and fresh water storage. GMO Inside is celebrating soil by sharing a series of short videos, produced by the USDA, that document the importance of healthy soil and industrial agriculture’s role in depleting its nutrients. These videos enliven the connections between industries, farmers, soils, and the produce on our plate. They will hopefully empower you to join the movement calling for healthy soil worldwide and get your hands dirty protecting soil in your community.

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Green Festival Expo in Los Angeles, Sept. 25-27

Green Festival Expo - big crowd

Find new non-GMO and organic goodies at America's largest and longest-running sustainability event - Green Festival Expo - in Los Angeles, September 25-27, at the LA Convention Center.

Also, hear local advocates in sustainable food discuss how to mitigate climate change and help move the US to a more just and sustainable system at the panel discussion "My Plate, My Planet: Combatting Climate Change Through Sustainable Food." You'll hear about advocacy strategies to label GMOs, local agricultural challenges, and environmental stewardship.

GMO Inside's Anna Meyer will moderate the panel which includes: Alexandra Nagy, Organizer, Food & Water Watch and Kaiulani Kimbrell, Programs Director, Hollywood Food Guild, Center for Food Safety.

Get your FREE tickets to join us with promo code GAGF15.

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Thank You to GMO Inside Supporters!

GMO Inside thanks these great non-GMO companies who support our work and a non-GMO food supply.

Coconut Bliss Guayaki-Yerba-Mate Crofter's organic

GMO Inside is a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals that support a healthy, GMO-free food system. The GMO Inside campaign is led by Green America. To learn more about our work, visit our website or sign up for Green America's green living email newsletter.