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Dear Green American ,

As a supporter of Green America’s GMO Inside campaign, you know how important it is for companies to walk their talk when it comes to human health and the environment.  Do you know the values of your current cell phone provider?  When you sign up for phone service with our allies at CREDO Mobile, you know the dollars you spend on your phone bill are supporting your environmental values.  And, you’ll benefit Green America and GMO Inside as well.

Thanks for supporting the greenest businesses!

Alisa Gravitz
Green America

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Only One Phone Company Fights the Dirty Keystone XL Pipeline. Join CREDO Mobile Today.

Dear Fellow Progressive,

We really shouldn't have to be handcuffed and marched away from the White House to stop the Keystone XL dirty oil pipeline.

But that's what happened to me twice. And earlier this year we witnessed the inspiring power of hundreds of students handcuffing themselves to the White House fence. In the end, 398 young people got arrested, sending a powerful message to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and any Democrat thinking of running for president in 2016.

CREDO is proud of the fact that so far this year we've given over $160,000 to our friends at 350­.org, a key ally in our fight to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. And last month we announced a grant of over $70,000 to Friends of the Earth, a group responsible for exposing a State Department contractor's massive conflict of interest discrediting the recently finalized environmental impact statement.

Make the switch to CREDO Mobile, America's progressive phone company, and fight Keystone XL every time you use your phone.

You probably already know that CREDO is willing to go to the mat to stop this dirty tar sands pipeline. But it may surprise you to know who is supporting the Keystone carbon bomb beyond the usual suspects like climate-change deniers, oil companies and the bought-and-paid-for lobbyists.

The CEOs of AT&T and Verizon, the two phone companies that provide mobile phone service for most Americans, are on the wrong side of Keystone XL. In 2013, the Business Roundtable—the elite group of CEOs of the nation's biggest companies—announced its support for building the Keystone pipeline. Who is on the group's executive committee? Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T. And who serves as an at-large member of the group? Lowell McAdam, the CEO of Verizon Communications, the owner of Verizon Wireless.

The choice could not be clearer. The phone company you choose makes a difference. For good—or for bad.

CREDO members have stepped up in truly unprecedented numbers—almost 650,000 of us have submitted more than 2.5 million petition signatures. More than 300,000 of us turned in public comments to the State Department opposing the pipeline. Literally hundreds of us have been arrested. And almost 100,000 of us have signed the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance, organizing to be arrested if necessary to stop this pipeline.

This is it. It's the home stretch in our long fight to stop this disastrous tar sands pipeline. In order to stop the carbon bomb, we must step it up even more.

Will you step it up by joining CREDO Mobile, whose revenues help make this all possible?

Michael Kieschnick,
President and CEO,
CREDO Mobile

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Join America’s only progressive phone company.

At CREDO, our members’ phones power our work for progressive change. Every year, we donate a portion of customers’ charges to courageous nonprofit groups working on global warming, reproductive choice, human rights and much more—and we’ve raised more than $76 million since we started. We pair this generosity with the power of a network of more than 3 million activists in CREDO Action.

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Give us a call right now at 800-966-1665 and mention special offer code 501410 or join online today. This offer expires July 29, 2014.

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* Offer available only to new CREDO Mobile customers and subject to credit qualification. Subject to the terms of our Customer Agreement and Retail Installment Contract. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. 24 months of payments on new phone required unless customer chooses an early upgrade subject to the terms of the ZeroNow program. Activation fee of $35/line applies. Rates do not include applicable taxes and surcharges or international charges. Data plan required for smartphones. $20 monthly data plan discount applies to smartphone purchases through ZeroNow; discount available on active accounts in good standing and expires with enrollment in a new installment contract or 2-year service agreement. Free texting requires selection of monthly text plan. International text messaging is not included in plan and is billed at international rates. Text plan fee will appear with an offsetting credit each month for 24 months. After the 24 months, you'll pay to continue on the text plan. You can always change your text plan or you can cancel the plan at any time in Member Services. Contract buyout credit: We will credit your CREDO Mobile account (up to $350 per line switched to CREDO, up to 5 lines) after you send us the contract buyout credit form, with proof of your prior carrier's service termination fee charges (offer excludes equipment charges). Offer available while supplies last.

Under CREDO's arrangement with Sprint, CREDO members have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 280 million people. Although Sprint provides CREDO members access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, CREDO is responsible to CREDO members for the services. Please call CREDO with any questions or comments about services. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint.

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