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GMO Inside - If corporations won't label GMOs, then we the people will.
Dear Green American ,

March Against Monsanto
This past Saturday hundreds of thousands gathered in 52 countries, in more than 430 cities to raise their voices against Monsanto and genetically modified foods.

GMO Inside asked participants around the world to share their photos with us and what we received is an inspiring collection of 1,000 photos from the Global March Against Monsanto.

We hope you will check out and share the album and help us identify where these demonstrations took place by commenting on the photos.

You can continue to spread the word about GMOs in our food by downloading your own labels and sticking them on foods in your home, your friends’ homes, or your office that may contain GMOs.

Call Your Senators Now!
Our senators are voting on the farm bill and its amendments.  Call them now and ask them to support these amendments:

  • Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act: Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)'s amendment #978
  • Support GMO labeling: Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)'s amendment #1025
  • Ban Genetically Engineered Salmon: Senator Mark Begich (D-AK)'s amendment #934

Thanks for all your support. Together we will change the food supply!

In cooperation,

Elizabeth and Shireen
On behalf of GMO Inside

GMO Inside is a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals that support a healthy, GMO-free food system. The GMO Inside campaign is led by Green America. To learn more about our work, visit our website or sign up for our Green Living newsletter.