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GMO Inside - If corporations won't label GMOs, then we the people will.
Dear Green American ,

Happy March! A new month means a new target for our non-GMO crusade: Coke and Pepsi for the GMOs in their sodas and their subsidiary brands’ products (including seemingly healthy ‘juice drinks’), and for their efforts to oppose GMO labeling. (Last November, the two companies spent more than $4.1 million combined to turn down Prop 37).

Take action!
Sign our petition to the CEOs of Coke and Pepsi and let them know they can be a leader if they label their GMOs, or get them out completely!

Take action on Facebook:
Pepsi’s brand of Lay’s potato chips is running a Facebook contest to vote for your favorite new chip flavor – Cheesy Garlic Bread, Sriracha, or (wait for it) Chicken and Waffles. Lay’s claims their products are “all natural” yet they are filled with high-risk GMO ingredients like corn and soy. Post a non-GMO message now and remember to keep any post honest, positive and productive.

Dear Girl Scouts, we want Non-GMO Cookies please! Until then, Carrots!
Ok, ok, so we aren’t seriously suggesting carrots, but we are calling on the Girl Scouts to bake-up a Non-GMO cookie. You can help by making a donation to support the Girl Scouts (in the same amount you would have spent on cookies this year).  If you are still hunkering for some Girl Scout cookie goodness, you can try our homemade, non-GMO cookie recipes:

Non-GMO, Organic, Fair Trade Thin Mint Cookies
Non-GMO, Organic Samoas
Non-GMO, Organic Tagalong Cookies
Non-GMO, Organic Do-si-dos

February Wrap-Up
It was a busy month! Thanks to you we sent nearly 5,000 emails to the CEOs of Hershey and Mars asking for non-GMO Valentine’s Day treats. We’ll be following up with these companies soon, sending them our own little care package filled with your Facebook comments and feedback. Email us any last minute messages today if you want your personal message to be included. 

A Secret Love Affair…
Thanks to all of you who took action with us on Valentine’s Day to post on Cheerio’s Facebook wall about General Mills’ secret love affair with Monsanto. There were hundreds of comments about GMOs! We’d like to give a special shout to GMO Insider Marty Gordon for his Valentine’s Day inspired post.

You can add your comments anytime and keep it positive! We’ll beat GMOs with peaceful protest.  

GMO Inside at Expo West
GMO Inside will be spreading the word about GMOs at the nation’s largest natural products expo in Anaheim, CA.  If you are in the area, we’d love for you to visit our booth #2220. If you are interested in volunteering with us, let us know!  Follow us on Twitter (GMOInside) and Facebook. We have some surprises up our sleeves!

Thanks for being a GMO Insider and helping to spread the word.  Please ask your friends to join us as well – have them sign up here!

Liz & Shireen
GMO Inside

GMO Inside is a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals that support a healthy, GMO-free food system. The GMO Inside campaign is led by Green America. To learn more about our work, visit our website or sign up for our Green Living newsletter.