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GMO Inside - If corporations won't label GMOs, then we the people will.
Dear Green American ,

Tell Hershey and Mars: Break Up with GMOs!
Valentine’s Day is a week away and along with sweets most likely comes GMOs. 
So we’re shining the light on Hershey and Mars this month for their love affair with GMOs in their candies.  Join us in calling on them to break up with GMOs for good by signing our petition!

Also, check out our score card to avoid GMOs for your sweetheart.

GMO Aversion (and education!) on your mobile device
Keeping on top of GMOs can be tricky, especially when they are so pervasive in the US food supply.  But fear not!  GMO Inside has compiled a list of the most helpful and free mobile apps for learning about and avoiding GMOs.   Read our review »

A Fresh Start: Kellogg’s and General Mills update
Last month we took on Kellogg’s and General Mills, calling on the two largest US cereal companies to make a Fresh Start and go non-GMO.  Thanks to your help we sent in over 10,000 emails to each company’s CEO, and we will be mailing these petitions to their headquarters next week.  If you have a personal message you’d like us to include in our package to Kellogg’s and or General Mills, let us know!

Kellogg’s was actually quick to react to our campaign, and as expected, stated the company believes GMO’s are entirely safe for consumers. Read our response »

Moving Forward
Even though GMO Inside’s focus has switched from cereal to chocolate this month, it is still important to start your day without GMOs. Check out our blog for some of the worst ways to start your day (we seriously could not believe that some of these options could classify as breakfast!) and for alternative non-gmo breakfast recipes.

GMO Inside in the News!
Our new but mighty campaign has been getting lots of attention in the media! Thanks in huge part to all of you taking action with us. You can check out the GMO Inside coverage anytime in the news section of our website

Also, we’ve been compiling the late and breaking GMO-related news articles so you can stay tuned in to all that is going on with GMOs.

Thanks for being a GMO Insider and helping to spread the word.  Please ask your friends to join us as well – have them sign up here!

Have a happy Non-GMO Valentines day!

Liz & Shireen
GMO Inside

PS – Be sure to friend us on Facebook so you can take action with us online. We have tons of fun in store for February.