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Dear Green American ,

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Welcome to the GMO Inside Campaign!  Thank you so much for signing up for news and updates from us. Only one month old, GMO Inside already has more than 130,000 likes on Facebook and thousands asking for email updates. 

Together, just this past month, we have alerted Americans to the GMOs lurking in Thanksgiving foods, and inspired thousands to post comments on Cheerios’ Facebook page shaming General Mills for its use of GMOs and the $1.1 million the company spent to defeat Prop 37 in California. 

Visitors to the Cheerios Facebook page posted comments such as “Caution GMOs,” “CheeriGMOs,” and “We are not lab rats,” using a Cheerios app designed to help users share "what Cheerios mean to you."  Caught by surprise, General Mills removed the app soon after this public-education campaign on Cheerios' own Facebook page had begun.  

We want to build on this great start, and urge you to join us in the following:

1. Keep the pressure on General Mills.  Sign our letter to General Mills urging the company to stop using GMOs and end its opposition to GMO labeling.  We need thousands of signatures to let them know this issue will not go away.  And, keep on posting comments to Cheerios Facebook page.

2. Make a donation to the GMO Inside campaign.  Your donation will help us keep the pressure on the giant processed-food companies and agribusinesses that are foisting GMOs on us, and will advance our important public education and mobilization work.  For every donation we receive, we will send a card to General Mills, letting the company know that its use of GMOs  inspired your donation, and urging the company to GMOs out of its food. Given that General Mills spent $1.1 million opposing Prop 37, donating in their name to oppose GMOs should get their attention!  Send the card now.

3.  Join our Twitter party on hosting non-GMO Holidays!
Who: @GMOInside,                         When: Wednesday, December 12
Time: 8-10PM EST (5-7pm PST)       Hashtag: #GMOInside
(We'll be giving away prizes, including T-shirts, water bottles, and more.)

We are so excited by the energy of the GMO Inside community and we'll be sharing actions, information and updates regularly.  In the meantime, please check out our GMO Inside Facebook page  and our Twitter  to get all the latest information about GMOs and actions you can take to oppose them.

Thanks for all you do to create a healthy world with safe foods!

Alisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz
Green America