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Dear Green American ,

With absentee ballots finally counted, the results of the Washington state GMO labeling initiative are in.  Vastly outspent by corporate interests with deep pockets running misleading anti-labeling ads, proponents of GMO labeling narrowly lost.

But the wins for the pro-labeling side were profound:  Our pro-labeling allies mobilized and educated many more people about the pervasiveness of GMOs in our food supply, and our corporate food industry opponents were tarnished in the public eye when they were caught making illegal donations to oppose consumers' right to know what's in their food.

Last year, after California's GMO labeling initiative was similarly outspent and defeated, Green America launched our GMO Inside program, to advance our marketplace solutions to the GMO problem, and mobilize people nationwide to pressure corporations to get GMOs out of our food.

We'll continue to push corporations to do the right thing, through sustained consumer pressure, and share greener choices with Americans who want to support organic, GMO-free food.

Today's e-newsletter does both.  Below, please find resources from our GMO Inside campaign that will help you keep GMOs off your Thanksgiving table, and also take action with our ongoing General Mills campaign.  We're working to get GMOs out of America's #1 breakfast cereal, Cheerios.  Working together, we can rebuild a safe, healthy, and GMO-free food supply for a greener America. 

Thanks for all you do,

Alisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz,
Green America

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Tell General Mills:  No More GMOs!

General Mills Video

For months, we've been calling on General Mills to get GMOs out of their products (take our action here).  Now we're taking our campaign up a notch with the Great Cheerios Send Back Attack of 2013. 

We need to show General Mills that we are serious about our commitment to a just and equitable food system, and that we don't appreciate their funneling money into anti-labeling initiatives to block our right to know what's in our food.

We're asking you to take General Mills "satisfaction guarantee" at face value, and send back Cheerios products to General Mills with a note about why you want GMOs out of your food.  Please take action this week.  To amplify our voices, we need to do this all together.  Check out the video above for step-by-step instructions.

Plus, let us know what you're doing.  We're encouraging all Send Back participants to submit photos and videos of you, your friends and your family taking action. Please submit all photos and videos to Michelle at by November 24, 2013.

Watch the Send Back Attack video  » 

Keep GMOs Off Your Thanksgiving Table


There has always been a sure-fire way to keep GMOs off your table:  buy organic, avoid processed foods, and make your own food from scratch.  Foods labeled organic are never genetically modified, and you can  trust the Non-GMO Project's "butterfly" label on even more heavily processed foods.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional foods many of us serve on our Thanksgiving tables are at risk today of being made with GMOs.  For example, since most processed cranberry sauce is sweetened, and since the great majority of the sweeteners in processed food come from GMO sugar beets or GMO high-fructose corn syrup, most store-bought cranberry sauce can be considered likely GMO.  The solution:  Buy a bag of organic cranberries (local if you can find them) cook them down, and sweeten them yourself with an organic, Fair Trade sweetener of your choice.  (Our Green American magazine gives you the low-down on which sweeteners are the healthiest and most sustainable.) 

From now until Thanksgiving, our GMO Inside campaign will be posting GMO-free Thanksgiving recipes on the GMO Inside Facebook page.  (Today's recipe?  Squash soup!)  Like GMO Inside on Facebook to get all the recipes. 

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"Have There Always Been GMOs in Cheerios?"


Have you seen the Cheerios commerical where the little boy asks his mother if Cheerios have been the same since she was a little girl, and his mother says YES?!   We know Cheerios would love to maintain its wholesome image, as a good food we feel nostalgic for from our childhood, but it's simply not true.  Since the likely introduction of GMOs, Cheerios are not the same.  Our video lampoons that commercial and will inspire you to take action with GMO Inside. 

Our version of a Cheerios commerical »

November 18, 2013
In This Issue:
·   Take action with our campaign to get GMOs out of General Mills' products

· Recipes to keep GMOs off your Thanksgiving table

· VIDEO: "Have there always been GMOs in Cheerios?"

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Get the "F" (Fossils) Out:
Green America is proud to partner with, the Sierra Club Foundation, Portflio 21, and RAN on a fossil-fuel divestment Webinar for progressive nonprofits.  If you work for such an organization, and your workplace hasn't yet taken action to rid its portfolio of fossil fuels, this Webinar is for you. 
Tues. Nov. 10, 1PM EST
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Tell Congress to support wind energy by extending the Production Tax Credit  »

  VOTING IS OPEN for you to cast your ballot to award 3 green travel or transportation companies with a $5,000 People & Planet Award »

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