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Economic Action For a Just Planet
Dear Green American ,
In This Issue:
· Green Goal #1:
Take Back our Energy System
Industrial agriculture is the world’s largest industry and one of the most destructive. As we work to take back our energy system (as outlined previously), we can’t be content with an industrial food system drenched in petro-chemicals, and we can't afford a diet that travels thousands of miles to our plates, racking up a huge carbon footprint.

That's why Green America has always supported a food system based on local and organic foods.

And now, we confront the threat of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) throughout our food supply. We see GMOs as a pivotal issue in taking back the food system, allowing us to mobilize around the health, justice, and environmental problems of Big Agriculture and processed food and urge a shift to local, organic food.

Last fall, the day the defeat of California's GMO-labeling initiative, Green America launched our largest campaign ever to take back our food supply. "GMO Inside," our newest campaign, has already forced two major corporations to respond to consumer pressure, and that's just the start of what we have in store for 2013.

This year, we will:
  • Organize consumer action campaigns to pressure companies to act -- to get GMOs out of their food, and stop fighting against labeling initiatives;
  • Work directly with companies to GMOs out of the foods they sell;
  • Provide GMO education to natural food stores, co-ops, and restaurants so they can educate their customers; and
  • Support state-led initiatives on GMO labeling (Washington state is moving ahead on this, with 30 other states planning future action);
Our first consumer action of the year will focus on the makers of breakfast cereals (get GMOs out of your breakfast!) and starts very soon. We'll announce the targets of these campaigns on our Facebook pages (please "like" both Green America and GMO Inside).

Of course, we'll continue to support the local, organic, and GMO-free companies in our Green Business Network, and provide resources for a sustainable diet via our Green American magazine and online.

We'd love your feedback on our plans. Please take our quick survey on sustainable food actions for 2013 »

It's great to be working with you,

Alisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz
Green America

P.S. Please consider a donation to our GMO Inside Program to help us spread the word about the prevalence of GMOs in our food supply (95 percent of US soy, 95 percent of US sugar beets, 88 percent of US corn), and work to get them out.

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